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I was recently talking to a friend about how to make an altar and I thought I would share some guidelines with you. An Altar is a sacred place for you to rest, reflect, meditate, and center yourself. It’s a place to connect with the divine spirit within us. Some options for items to place on your altar are:

Altar Cloth: can be any color, can be a scarf or piece of fabric you own and should be uplifting for you
Photo or Representation of Yourself
Representation of the Elements: North/Earth, East/Air, South/Fire, West/Water, Center. For example Air could be a picture of clouds or a bird, a feather, or a representation of a bird; Fire could be a candle, picture of a sun or representation of a desert animal; North could be a crystal or plant or twig or a picture of a mountain; Water could be a bowl of water, picture of a seal or other water animal or blue colored crystal; Center could be a candle or a .crystal in the shape of a heart.
Deities: any deities or gods you connect with
Ancestors: representation or photo’s of ancestors
Spirit Guides/Power Animals: any spirit guides, power animals, or animals you feel a connection to; can be a picture or a sculpture or other representation
Crystals: Citrine or any crystals that feel good to you
Sage: sage is a powerful cleanser and is great for clearing/purifying
Candles: candles are great if you are using your altar for meditation or any spiritual practice to help return your focus to your meditation.

Always remember this is YOUR altar and so it should represent you; only place items that fit/feel right for you!