July 6, 2015 Uncategorized 0

Today as I sit in my living room overwhelmed by the sounds of construction outside I am reminded how hard it can be to shut out the noise of the world and listen to our own intuition. And when we have trouble hearing our intuition it is even harder to follow its guidance. It is at times like this that I remind myself to find my way back to my center so that I can reconnect with my intuition. For me that means staying focused on my daily spiritual practice, which is really just taking time for myself every day. My spiritual practice recently has been to pull a tarot card, sit and meditate on the card’s meaning and how I can apply it to my life, journaling, reading a few pages of Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman, and then doing my prayer work. Over the years my spiritual practice has changed, as I’m sure it will continue to change. For me, writing in a journal and taking a few moments to reflect on my day are the most important pieces of my spiritual practice. I advise everyone to start out their day with any ritual that celebrates you, and it could be as simple as enjoying your coffee/tea in quiet contemplation. Taking time for yourself allows you the space to reconnect with yourself – and you deserve to have that every day!