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As part of my shamanism class I have been doing more work with my spirit guides. As part of this work I recently began reading Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak to help facilitate this work. I have had Owl as my spirit animal for several years and have recently also discovered Wolf as one of my guides. Through exercises and more in depth research into my power animals I am building up my ability to connect with their energy. There is so much great information about reconnecting with natural cycles that many of us become disconnected from through upbringing and lack of connection with the natural world. A beautiful passage I read today is:

“When we examine birth and death, we want to view them as changes or transitions, not as final states. Changes occur on many levels and at many different times in our lives. Changes are blessings. They are signal flares of new growth. Loss and gain are relative terms, but it is always our fear of death or change that prevents us from exploring new ways. The changes we go through on a daily basis are miniature mirrors of the entire life, death and rebirth process.”

I have only just begun reading, but I hope to develop a deeper connection with my spirit guides and also with the natural world!